Just Returned! A Look at Our Nicaragua Mission Team in Action

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11702849_1137654296251861_1757635569263238400_nMarissa Aguilar


“So we got back from Nicaragua yesterday at about 1am. As we packed up to leave, I felt two things: sadness and excitement. Sadness because, I wasn’t ready to leave. Many people say this, but it’s because it’s true: I left a piece of my heart in Nica. I can’t wait to be back, and hopefully that will be possible next year. The second feeling… Excitement. Because I am so excited to see what God’s going to do in my and Jose’s life. He changed us in Nica, and that has changed every plan we had for the months ahead. I hope to never come home from Nica the same as I arrived. So thankful for the experience, so thankful that we got to be a part of His mission for Nica (and hopefully can continue to be), and I’m just so amazed at God and His love. Thanks SO MUCH for all the support. The prayers and funding support were huge blessings, and both Jose and I are very grateful. Much love!”


11020778_10204739984795343_8358178965001066192_nJudy Peterson


“I had on an incredible time on our mission trip to Nicaragua! God was glorious and gracious to bring salvations, healings, and deep touches to the Nicaraguan people. We were able to distribute Bibles, feed and minister to children, supply medical help with the medical team and much, much more! I am changed by the love of Christ in and through me!”


11236465_10154316842468306_5106187826049780112_nChris Holowaty


“Today is our final work day here in Nicaragua. Our team is pretty healthy, and we are all feeling the weight of what we’ve witnessed here – the poverty, the living conditions, the smiles on the faces of tired abuelas, the relief on the faces of moms getting much needed antibiotics or fever meds for their babies, and don’t even get me started on the kids. This is a beautiful, heartbreaking country, and while a small bag of vitamins doesn’t seem like much, the hope is that something of the love of God gets expressed in our smiles, hugs, and attentiveness. We are finishing strong today, and so grateful to everyone who supported us financially and in prayer – it has been an honor and privilege to be here!”


11539747_10205845307666167_45619101594532814_nAnna Erickson


“I was so, so blessed by my time in Nicaragua! While it feels good to be home, I feel like I left a huge part of my heart behind. I can’t wait to go back!”


11737808_10203736445885284_3892497437995231114_nJose Aguilar

“This was my 2nd time going on this mission trip to beautiful Nicaragua. Though I stayed at the same hotel, ate the same food, did the same activities, was with the same team as last year, my experience this time couldn’t have been more unique. God totally spoke to me last year while changing the course of my life drastically, and this year he did nothing less. Doing missions really is a great way to detach yourself from worldly things and really get a chance to talk with our Father. When the noise of technology, work, and other stress inducers are silenced, it’s easier to hear God’s voice. The people of Nicaragua have a knack to change the perspective you have on your life. You grow to actually appreciate what you have. God is good like that.”


11137093_10153385602591138_4045025249593799246_nRachel Sekerak


“We made it home from Nicaragua late last night! What an incredible 10 days! While I am grateful to be home, my heart is sad to have left so soon. I keep saying this was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life. The hearts of the Nicaraguan people are so loving and generous. The children would run towards me, a stranger, with so much love and joy in their eyes. Their hugs and kisses were truly heart melting! I felt the love of Jesus in each hug and kiss. I am blessed. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, to each person who prayed for us and supported us financially.”


11750688_10207385517784632_493695344151147352_nChristina Storms


“Experiencing cultures beyond what we’re accustomed to changes you. But Nicaragua changes you in a different way. As many missionaries might do, it’s easy to set out with the goal to win over hearts for the Lord and to make it your mission to “change lives”. But what we don’t often expect is the changes that God sets out to make in our own hearts before we can make a difference in someone else’s. This year was even more evident than the first that the Lord was moving in big ways. I came away from the trip this year realizing that in order to pour into other’s lives the love of Jesus – we first need to be filled to the brim, overflowing with His word, His tenderness, and His love. Every year I feel like I come back with not only a more humbled perspective, but the overwhelming desire to return the following year. I really miss it already. It’s true when people they left part of their heart in Nicaragua. It’s pretty near impossible not to fall in love with the people, the place, and the things God is doing in their lives…and just as much, the things He is doing in our lives.”


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